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Dog Behavior

With years of personal experience working with dogs of all types, good pups can help you in understanding your dog's behavior. Goodpups one on one sessions are a great option to help you train your pet to become a well mannered happy pet.


Training Lessons

Goodpups offers training packages that are catered specifically to you and your dog's needs. Every dog is different with a personality to go with it. Goodpups offers a progressive training regimen that will fit best to both your budget and available time set aside for your pet.


Trainer and Dogs well traveled

Dog trainer Jean and her dogs traveled cross country to reside in Litchfield County Connecticut. With an expansive experience in working with dogs from various dog shelters, Jean's love for dogs shows in well behaved pets. If you are in the need to to train your dog, please give us a call at: 480-250-1866

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Does your dog 'get' you?

If your struggling with your dog's behavior problems, good pups can train your dog to understand and follow commands. You'll both be much happier!

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